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Whether you’re burning the midnight oil or hoping to avoid harsh, overhead lights at all costs, grabbing the particular best lamp for your desk is essential. And as long as it physically fits on your tabletop and emits a nice glow, your search is over, right? Well, not quite.

If you ask us, finding the perfect desk lamp is a lot like shopping for a sofa . While it seems there’s too much to choose from, it’s the tiny details that will make a few stand out. We’re here to help by answering a few of your biggest and brightest questions all while sharing a couple of our top picks on the particular market right now. From seriously chic shades to high-tech treasures, consider this roundup your own permission in order to shine bright .

What to Consider When Buying a Desk Lamp

Since simply searching ” desk lamp inch will yield thousands—if not, hundreds of thousands—of results, you’ll want to narrow down your search. But , where in order to begin? First, think about the lamp’s silhouette. Though task lamps are consistent crowd-pleasers, they can be tilted to shine a direct light on the work, You’ll also want in order to consider a lamp’s compatible wattage. After all, a desk lamp can only shine as bright because its bulb . As a general rule of thumb, look with regard to lamps that can accommodate at least a 60-watt light allowing you to actually see your keyboard or notebook.

From there, it’s all about personal preference. Does your own lamp have a bevy of brightness levels? What about an USB port in order to charge your phone ? Can it light up your own entire table without taking up too a lot precious square footage? And, of course , you’ll want to make sure your light fits comfortably within your budget.

How We Selected Desk Lights

We’ve proven that we’re able in order to assist you in narrowing down a lamp that will works for you. To make that happen, we scanned all the most positive reviews while factoring in budget, silhouette, and of course, the special features of the particular lamp. Shop on and allow our recs to illuminate you.

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Simple Designs

Basic Metal Flexible Hose Neck Desk Light

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Best Foldable Design

Dott Arts

LED Desk Lamp

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Lumi Charge

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Clip on Light Reading Lights

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Double Head BROUGHT Desk Lamp with Clamp

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Best Portable

One Fire

Battery Operated Lamp Little Desk Lamp

Kelsey Mulvey will be a freelance lifestyle journalist, who covers shopping plus deals for Good Housekeeping, Women’s Health, and ELLE Decor, among others.

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