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home office lighting ideas

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Lighting quality is important in any room, but especially in your work space. Poor lighting isn’t just a matter of looks—bad office illumination can cause eye discomfort and headaches, leave you feeling drained, and make you less productive. But with a few lighting changes, you can energize your work area and amp up the comfort.

Proper office lighting is attractive plus easy on the eyes, and it creates a pleasant work environment. A good lighting setup can help you stay productive, even on those long days. Browse through these home office lights setups to shed some fresh illumination on your own work space.

1 . Adjustable Desk Lamp

home office lighting ideas

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An adjustable desk lamp provides concentrated but movable lighting that is especially useful for focusing on function. We rated the TW Lighting Ivy LED Desk Lamp as one of the best flexible desk lamps in our researched guide because of its flexible gooseneck design. This light can twist and turn within any direction you need, also it actually has a convenient USB charging port built right into its base.

Get the TW Lighting Ivy LED Cute lamp on Amazon . com for $13. 95.

2. Pharmacy Floor Lamp

home office lighting tips

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Home office lighting that’s both stylish and practical can transform your office into a cozy yet functional space. The Brightech Adjustable Pharmacy LED Floor Light is one of the particular best floor lamps in order to brighten up your projects room. Its striking modern style and brass finish bring both light and warmth to your workplace.

Get the Brightech Adjustable Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp on Amazon with regard to $64. 99.

3. Smart DIRECTED Light Strips

home office lighting ideas

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LED gentle strips may add colorful ambient light to the work area. Place them around the perimeter of your desk, along office shelving , or behind your own computer monitor to create a subtle glow. Reach for these smart LED lighting strips from Govee , which were selected as best overall in our own researched guide to the best LED light strips . They feature nearly 33 feet of bright lighting because well since smart connectivity that lets you control the lighting and colors right through your smartphone.


Obtain the Govee Smart LED Strip Lights upon Amazon regarding $32. 99.

4. Blue Light Glasses

home office lighting ideas

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Artificial blue gentle emitted by your office illumination as well from screens can disturb your circadian rhythm and disrupt your sleep. If you work into the particular evening, consider a pair of blue-light glasses to block all those sleep-disturbing rays. TIJN’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses are an unisex pick from our researched facts the best blue light glasses you can buy right now . They are lightweight, scratch-resistant, and come in a variety of colours.

Get the particular TIJN Glowing blue Light Obstructing Glasses on Amazon intended for $13. 99.

5. Ceiling Track Lights

home office lighting tips

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Installing a bright home office ceiling light will be an excellent way to inspire focus in a work space. The particular Globe Electric Payton Collection 4 Bar Track Gentle is a minimalist choice that will suit most house offices. It offers bright lights with four independently pivoting track heads so you can adjust the aim of the lights to your own needs .

Obtain the Globe Electric Payton Collection four Bar Monitor Light upon Amazon to get $28. 96.

6. Smart Table Lamp

home office lighting ideas

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Make your function space smarter with a desk lamp featured in the researched manual to t he best BROUGHT desk lights . The BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp casts a wide beam of light in order to illuminate your desk space. It boasts a built-in ambient sensor that will detects the light level in the room plus adjusts the brightness accordingly so you’ll always have a suitable amount of light while a person work.

Get the BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp on Amazon for $229.

7. Dimmable Himalayan Salt Light

home office lighting ideas

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A small decorative lamp is usually a pretty desk companion for busy work times. Himalayan salt lamps are a popular choice for adding an inviting glow. This Himalayan Salt Lamp from The Body Source is hand-carved from authentic Himalayan sodium, making each lamp unique. It features a dimmer switch that allows you to change the brightness to create the perfect mood.


Get The Body Source Himalayan Sodium Lamp on Amazon pertaining to $34. 99.

8. Adjustable Ambient Light

home office lighting ideas

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Bright lighting can help improve focus and concentration, but if you’re looking for an option that’s not too intense, consider the particular JOOFO Ground Lamp , a top product selected meant for our investigated explained the best floor lamps . The particular flat, round head of this floor lamp is tilted upward so it bounces lighting off the particular ceiling and walls to illuminate the room without using harsh lighting. To give even more manage, this lamp features adaptable brightness plus color temperature settings that let you customize your illumination type.

Obtain the JOOFO Floor Lamp on Amazon for $59. 99.

9. Azure Light Preventing Monitor Screen

home office lighting ideas

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If you tend to work into the night, consider investing in a blue light blocking screen to help filter out glowing blue light and reduce disruption for your sleep pattern. The Vintez Universal Blue Light Blocking Screen is a sheet that will fits over your computer monitor display to stop the blue gentle at its source. It comes within several different sizes to fit small and large pc monitors .

Have the Vintez Universal Glowing blue Light Obstructing Screen upon Amazon designed for $40. 99.

10. Smart Lighting Bulbs

home office lighting ideas

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With a good smart bulb, you may control your own office lights from almost anywhere. The Philips Hue LED Smart Button Starter Kit is the best wise light bulb kit just for decking out an office area. The kit includes three Philips Color White plus Color Ambiance A19 bulbs, which will match many office light fixtures. These lights can lighting up your workplace in different washes associated with color, all controlled through your mobile phone or the particular included Hue Smart Button.

Get the Philips Hue DIRECTED Smart Switch Starter Kit on Amazon for $148. 96.

11. Cordless Task Light

home office lighting tips

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Frustrated with cord clutter? Opt for the cordless light! A cordless lamp like the O’Bright Portable BROUGHT Table Lamp provides practical lighting without adding in order to the tangle of cords at your desk. This lamp offers 3 brightness levels and provides upward to 48 hours of cordless light on a full charge, both top reasons why it was selected as the best general cordless light in our explored guide .


Get the O’Bright Portable LED Table Light on Amazon . com for $29. 99

The prices listed here are accurate as of  October 13, 2022.

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