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These are the best ideas to install LED lamps at home and decorate the different rooms of your own home.

The LED lighting it is available to anyone. Its prices have dropped considerably and we can safely say that it has become a standard with regard to most consumers. Yes, the most common today is to buy light bulbs with this technology for home lamps . But what if you just want to be more artistic? What interesting ideas regarding LED lighting in your house do you have? Keep reading, because here you have some very striking proposals.

In the following sections we give you ideas intended for make better use of DIRECTED lighting at home . We are talking about common spaces, such as the particular dining room or the bedrooms, but also about other elements that are less frequently decorated, such as the toilet bowl or a mirror. Keep reading to discover which are the most fascinating proposals.

lines of light

12 ideas for LED lights in your house

The lines associated with light are very discreet elements that give a lot of play when decorating

We start with a classic: the lines of light . Mainly, it is about installing LED strips on walls and ceilings creating linear shapes. Obviously, these must be integrated into the surface and prevent them from sticking out. The result is very elegant and may be purely decorative or even to illuminate a space. Of course , it is always possible in order to choose the particular occasional RGB LED strip to give each line an unique touch of color.


light pit

The particular light hole It consists of the use of a false ceiling in order to create the space required to set up lights. In a certain way, a kind of moat is being generated that, once illuminated with lED strips offers a very pleasant ambient lighting. Perhaps the main drawback of this particular proposal is that it is necessary for a specialist to install the pit with the particular false roof. But , once this step has been overcome, you will have the perfect area to set up BROUGHT lighting. The alternative would be to buy a frame that will already includes the relevant illumination, such as the one we recommend below.

Weather vane frames to get ceiling plus wall LEDs

Lighting in the bathroom bowl

We cannot deny it: the lavatory bowl it is not the most glamorous area of ​​a house. However , improving its appearance goes through giving this a touch of gentle. Some devices sold on the Internet take care associated with that, and even include a sensor in order to detect the particular toilet opening . Best of all, they are usually very affordable.

Stilhogar Led Night Light for Toilet with Motion Sensor

Decoration behind the TV

12 ideas for LED lights in your house

LED lights to set your own movies plus series are a classic

The particular setting at the rear of the tv It is a classic for lovers of lighting decoration. Within fact, there are brands that offer an integrated system within their TVs to add ambience during content playback, as is the case with Philips Ambilight. But in case you can’t afford to buy a TV with this feature, the smart DIRECTED strips that we offer, which are also controlled from your mobile, are ideal for giving that ambient touch in order to your movie sessions and series.

Govee WiFi LED Strips 5M, RGBIC LED Lights with Control by Alexa , Google Assistant plus App, Smart

background lights

Let’s go now with a more generic proposal. The led lights especially those RGB, help you to provide atmosphere in any space . Here are usually some recommendations that will certainly help a person to give the personal touch to your living room, kitchen or any some other room in your house. In reference to this, we suggest the guide on DIRECTED lights pertaining to monitors. It will serve because inspiration to give atmosphere to various areas of the particular home.

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decoration components

In addition to light bulbs and pieces, there are also additional decorative elements that include DIRECTED lighting . Each of these offers the main objective of decorating the space without the need in order to buy additional lamps. We leave you two proposals that will you may love.

LED Neon Sign Shape Decor Gentle Wall Decor for Christmas Birthday Party Kids Room Living Room Wedding Party Decor (Pink)

LED shower lamps

The bathroom is a space within which to relax. Those who enjoy the bath time They have numerous options to make that moment even more special. What do you think associated with this artichoke with LED lights? There is nothing better to give an idyllic touch to your showers.

Rovtop Led Shower Head, Automatically Changing DIRECTED 7 Colors Shower Head, No Batteries Needed

outdoor lighting

12 ideas for LED lights in your house

Garlands are the discreet plus elegant way to decorate the garden and create a cozy environment

Another place to take advantage of LED lighting is outside. In this particular sense, this is possible to use lamp holders to install bulbs in any corner. Likewise, the particular LED strips , which give a person more room when it comes to setting up light within flowerpots and in corners of the garden. Yet the recommendation that we want to make for this space are the particular garlands. Remember that, whatever lighting device you choose, it is essential that it become dust plus water resistant .

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Colorful pools

12 ideas for LED lights in your house

The pool is another point in which in order to place colored lights to provide a different touch to each bathroom

The lucky ones that have the swimming pool in your own home can give it an unique touch with LED lights . The particular normal thing is that will, for safety, this room has enough light bulbs in order to see when someone bathes at night. But you can usually replace these bulbs along with some RGB LED lighting. If you have more than one, creating an effect with different color combinations will end up being most attractive to a person.

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LED strips pertaining to mirrors

We possess already told you about the lighting in the shower . Now, all of us propose the installation of some DIRECTED elements within the mirror on the ground floor or in your own room. The effect that is achieved is very similar to that of the mirrors that will are in the dressing areas. In any case, beyond aesthetics, it is a way of seeing yourself more clearly.

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Courtesy light on stairs

Stairs are dangerous. Install LED lights on the contours of every step It can give an unique touch in order to this space, in addition to improving security at night. The simplest way to do it is with the occasional LED strip. If you want to include a splash of color, make sure it’s RGB lighting.

4 Pieces LED Stair Lighting Aluminum 230V 3W Crystal Walls Lamp Flush Mount Step Light IP65

Well lit kitchen area counter

The cooking area countertop it is a workspace. Sometimes this area is not well lit, specifically if you have upper cabinets. Why not make the most of them to install DIRECTED lights? In this method, you will have greater visibility when you cut the potatoes for your next gala dinner. Oh, and don’t forget the interior lighting for each cabinet. Some of the LED lights that are sold turn on automatically.

SOAIY 30cm Kitchen Under Cupboard Light with Hand Motion Sensor, Adjustable LED Kitchen area Under Cabinet Lighting, Cooking area Under Cupboard Light along with 3 Colour Modes meant for Wardrobe, Kitchen

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