16 of the Best Bathroom Lighting Ideas 2022: Get the Look – House Beautiful

When homeowners embark on a renovation—whether a full gut overhaul or just modernizing one space—they often start in the bathroom . After you’ve tackled the bigger elements, including a new tub and shower, faucets , and maybe the particular floor, move on to the accents, which make a big difference. We’ve got a few stylish bathing room lighting ideas that will totally transform your space.

No matter the size of your restroom, proper lighting that fills your space with a warm glow is essential. But before investing in new fixtures , consider a couple of factors. First and foremost, decide which usually type of light would best suit your own space. The four most popular include wall sconces, which typically flank a mirror; flush mounts , ideal for bathrooms with low ceilings; hanging lights, small opportunities to make a statement; and recessed, common overhead lights that brighten the whole room. No matter which type of light you choose, your bathroom will surely become your new favorite area in the house. Right after all, nothing makes the bathroom feel more like a spa than soft ambient lighting.

Here’s the thing: Any light can work in the bathroom, so if you’re hunting around for the perfect fixture, rest assured that everything from vintage pendants to contemporary spotlights will get the job done. That said, if you need some inspiration to kickstart your renovation , we’re offering the variety of ways to incorporate light into your bathroom, as seen in our latest Renovations issue. These bathing room lighting suggestions come from some of the world’s most renowned interior designers, who have flawlessly incorporated unique fixtures in to bathrooms near and far.

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