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Whether used to illuminate the pages of a book, softly transition the room from afternoon to evening, or discreetly light the path in order to the bathroom in the dead of night, bedside lighting is a must-have addition to any boudoir. As noted by Livingetc , while most lighting can be categorized as either accent, task, or even ambient, bedroom lighting will be especially important because it must be suitable for focused tasks like reading, as well as capable associated with giving off that classic warm and cozy ambient glow. So it’s definitely a layer you don’t want to leave out when curating your lighting scheme !

Best of all, your room can benefit from bedside lighting regardless of whether you have space for bedroom tables. From stringing fairy lights across your headboard to suspending ornamental pendants from the ceiling on each side of the bed, the possibilities are endless. If you’re feeling ready to embrace a more unique style of bedside lighting, then read on for guaranteed inspiration.

1. Industrial floor lamp

If you are after a lighting solution that’s as much of a décor  feature as the functional addition to your own bedroom, you can’t go wrong with a ground lamp . Available in lots of different styles, go for a retro desk lamp style like this if you’re intent on curating an industrial space.

2 . Rattan ceiling chains

For a soft and diffused kind of lighting that’s perfect for bringing about bedtime bliss, suspend rattan pendant lampshades from the particular ceiling on either side of the mattress.

3. Glamorous fixed wall lights

A fabulous fixture, brass sconces instantly up the elegance in any bedroom. Although, it’s wise to keep in mind that will set sconces like this cannot be moved — so they’re perhaps not the best choice if you’re planning on using them specifically for reading.

4. Decorative fairy lamps

When wrapped around an industrial-style frame, a set of string lighting can really soften the look of a bedroom whilst also providing some atmospheric ambient illumination.

5. Arc flooring lamp

If you’ve only got space with regard to one floor lamp, but share the bed having a significant other, then an arc style is the way to proceed if you both wish to advantage from some added brightness. Plus, thanks to their gorgeous sculptural shape, these types of floor lamps also make a great decorative statement.

6. Curved wall lights

Very on-trend, curved wall lights create a brilliant background lighting addition to any bedroom. There are many styles to choose from yet go regarding darker fabrics like this if you want a subtle glow.

7. Contemporary orb lamp

Quite often operated by touch or phone, these smart orb lights are usually brilliant if you like to be able to customize the hue and lighting of your light. Far more interesting than your own typical bedroom table light!

8. Rustic rope wall lamps

Wall sconces avoid always have to be wired in simply by an electrician — there are plenty of plug-in options also available. This exposed bulb and wood style is becoming increasingly popular amongst those looking to emulate a rustic farmhouse-style bed room .

9. Classic reading light

A classic option which ideal intended for bookworms, plug reading lights are a great bedside option. If you may want to get one that affixes to your wall, presently there are furthermore lots of options available that clip in order to bed frames.  

10. Swing arm sconces

Adjustable and typically pretty affordable, swing arm sconces are great for creating a cozy glow and illuminating the webpages of your favorite book.

11. Pairs of metallic pendants

Why have just one pendant each when you can have two? Sculptural glass orb pendants look chic when used as bedroom lighting and can be strung at slightly different heights for more of a layered effect.

12. String light curtain

In case you’ve obtained a four-post bed, decorating it with an LED light curtain is the great way to create a softer light scheme that is perfect for the particular evenings.

13. Oversized bedside table lamps

Boring lamps don’t bring anything decoratively to the bedroom — so if you’re intent on bedside tables, then make sure you pick accompanying lamps that are oversized or boast bold patterns that create a statement in the area.

14. Plug-in walls lights

Plug-in spotlights like these are ideal for reading, as they can usually be tilted slightly to suit where a person need your own light directed.  

15. Modern ceiling chains

Suspending pendants directly above the center associated with the bed is a really effective method to physically highlight the particular most essential piece of furniture in the room. To ensure they provide the right type of ambient gentle, pair them with low-wattage bulbs in the warm white or amber hue.

16. Atmospheric lantern

Bring a bohemian feel to your bedside lighting by swapping the particular more permanent fixtures for a gorgeous lantern or a collection of stylistically arranged LED candles .

17. Slightly mismatched designs

To create a truly distinctive and artistic lighting set-up, pick a mismatch of lighting fixtures through the same collection. They don’t have to match — they simply need in order to look cohesive as a set.

18. Low hanging lamp shades

More traditional in style, fabric lampshades have a far more cozy sense than contemporary glass or even metal designs. They’re usually fixed relatively flush to the roof but feel just because inviting whenever hung lower and utilized as bedroom pendants.

19. Statement column ground lamp

Typically slightly more stout than some other floor light fixture styles, column lamps look fantastic when placed on either side of a bed.  

20. Himalayan salt lamp

Supposedly capable associated with cleaning the air and boosting your body’s production of happy hormones, Himalayan salt lamps also make great decorative additions to any bedside desk. On top of that, they give off a warm amber shine that’s supposedly the perfect hue to get the hours before bed when most likely winding down and getting ready to sleep.

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