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Adding a hint of color to your home is never a bad thing. Whether you want to create a bright, colorful vibe or up the ante for a house party, an RGB floor lamp is a good accessory. It’s also simple to set up than most other light sources since you just have to rest it on the floor and plug it into a wall outlet.

best RGB corner floor lamp

You can find various types of RGB corner floor lamps with smart controls. With varying shapes, sizes, and use cases, you might be confused while deciding which one to get. Don’t worry though, as we’ve handpicked the best options with regard to you depending on where and how you want to use the lights. Whether you’re a gamer or you want to sync your music with the lights, we’ve got you covered.

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Without any further ado, let’s get to the lamps.

1 . iLid RGB Floor Lamp

We’re starting the list with easily one of the most unique-looking RGB corner ground lamps that you can get. It is also the most affordable one on this list which is a win-win. The lamp has a cylindrical shape with a texture fabric shade. This shade creates unique patterns with the particular light turned on which will surely stand out compared in order to other conventional lamps.

The particular iLid RGB corner flooring lamp may display 16 million colors along with the ability to vary the color temperature too. So, if you want warm lights at night and a cool hue during the day, you can set that upward via the app. The application also gives you various lighting modes like static, dynamic, plus music synchronize. The songs sync feature, coupled with the lamp shade, makes this a good corner lamp for your own living room.

Apart from the particular app, a person can also control this particular smart RGB corner light using your voice by linking it to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The lamp measures close to 57-inches using the base so it’s large enough to light up an entire room. When set in order to a warm color like orange, the lampshade combines to give off a fireplace-like effect which can set a nice mood while watching a movie on the cold night time.

2 . Hoofun Corner Floor Lamp

The Hoofun smart RGB corner floor lamp offers an elliptical design that is essentially like an elongated loop with LED panels on the inside. This provides it a modern look that will fit well in your living room or even bedroom. If the base is hidden behind a table or some type of furniture, this lamp almost gives away the vibe that it is floating which usually looks rather cool.

This particular lamp will be mainly intended for ambient lighting with soft light that will doesn’t shine across the particular room. The best way to use this is to place it in a corner where you want the light to bounce off the walls and create the sober effect. You get 200 preset lighting settings to choose from or you can select a color of your choice via the particular app.

Speaking of the app, you are able to control the particular brightness, colours, modes, music sync, etc . You furthermore get the option to arranged timers plus schedules. The entire lamp is built using aluminum but some reviews complain that the build quality feels cheap. It also doesn’t come assembled and the process associated with putting it together isn’t the easiest as per some users, so keep this particular in mind.

3. SURLED Modern Ground Lamp

Here’s a 2-pack RGB floor light fixture which is similar to tower speakers. You can place each lamp on either side of your TV if you want the lamps to sync to the audio coming out of this. Otherwise, you can location them in 2 different corners of your room for your uniform look. The lamps are cylindrical with the strong diffuser to soften the lighting.

These LIGHT EMITTING DIODE floor lamps from SURLED are far through minimal; so if you’re going for a bold appearance, you will certainly surely want them. They have a cylindrical design that looks modern and almost seems like a glorified version of a lightsaber from Star Wars! The particular tube-like design is good for parties and will also gel well with an RGB gaming setup.

All the usual features that a person expect from smart lights are present onboard like songs sync, colour modes, app control, etc. Thanks to the style, these lamps emit gentle at 360 degrees which will light up the entire surroundings. The only downside as per the reviews is that the lights don’t find too bright. Depending on your own usage, you can decide if that may affect your experience.

4. Govee RGBIC Floor Light

The particular Govee RGBIC floor lamp is the epitome of a minimal corner ground lamp. It’s a slim and tall pole that has LED strips running all over it. What this means is that it’s almost 2-dimensional with no width at all so it blends within perfectly along with any sort of environment. You may use it mainly for some mood lighting in your own family room or even bedroom.

If you’re looking for bright lamps that may fill up the room, this is not the right product regarding you. The Govee RGBIC lamp caters to those who wish to add some ambient lighting to their rooms inside a subtle yet elegant fashion. The design is the biggest selling point associated with this part floor lamp, thanks to its sleek looks.

Aside from the usual established of functions found upon all RGB lamps, a person can create segments on this lamp and set different shades across the various segments. You can also connect this to Search engines Assistant and Alexa intended for voice control. While it’s slightly expensive, it might be worth your money if you’re a fan of minimalistic tech that blends in seamlessly into your house.

5. Modern Two Pack LED Corner Light fixture

If you liked the particular Govee RGBIC lamp but found this to end up being expensive to get just 1 unit, Modern is offering you 2 similar-looking lamps pertaining to almost the same price. While it doesn’t look as attractive as the lamp through Govee, it comes close in with its plain and simple approach. It is slightly thicker but a person also have to factor in the point that you are getting 2 of them to use as a pair.

Just like the name would suggest, these lamps have the modern design that’s nearly like strip lights glued together on either part. The foundation of the lighting also appears quite nice as opposed to a few other lights on this list. A person can place these RED corner floor lights on two adjacent corners in your own living room or bedroom meant for a good effect. In fact , they would even suit a gaming setup with the lamps reacting towards the audio.

There are 2 ways in which you can control these lights — using the included IR remote and via the smartphone app. The particular brand claims that the LEDs used on these types of smart corner floor lights are up to 50% brighter than some other lamps plus the make use of reviews back this claim. If you’re searching for part lights designed for your bedroom to accentuate the look, you should surely take a look at these.

6. Govee Lyra Color Changing Corner Lamp

Here’s another floor light from Govee that looks even more premium than the previous one. This lamp is usually constructed entirely out of aluminium and builds on the same minimalistic vibe because the earlier product. It’s got a silver frame this time with a base that looks elegant within pretty much any kind of setup.

Govee has made subtle changes in this Lyra lamp that make it a better product just for a lot of people. For starters, it’s made with better materials that give it a sophisticated look. The LEDs are also different in this variant. It has Govee issuing RGBICWW technology to achieve a peak brightness of up in order to 1500 lumens.

You get 64+ pre-built effects on the application along with the ability to produce your own custom results utilizing the sketch feature. Whilst most reviews say that will this is a single of the particular best RGB corner floor lamps that you can buy, it has a few downsides too. The particular base is made of plastic which is a step away from the high quality feel offered by the lighting strip. Also, the incorporated remote doesn’t function well and feels cheap so the evaluations recommend using the app or the voice assistant to control the lamp.

Brighten Up Your Room

Including colorful lighting to your room may help brighten up your mood and change the particular vibe associated with your surroundings. They’re furthermore great to look at if you are having a party or setting up a gaming room for yourself. Regardless of what you would like to use it for the purpose of, an RGB corner flooring lamp is a nice addition to your lights system that you will surely enjoy using.

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