All Elite Wrestling


All Elite Wrestling is a professional wrestling promotion that burst onto the scene in 2019. It features a more sports-based presentation and has a healthy mix of new stars and established legends.

AEW Roster

The AEW roster includes a variety of high-profile stars, including Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega, Wheeler Yuta and many more! The roster has also expanded and now includes many of the best young stars in the business.

AEW:Dynamite on TNT

AEW’s president, Tony Khan, has been vocal about the company’s goal of covering all its professional wrestlers with health insurance. However, he told Fanbyte that he is tempering expectations for how quickly this could happen.

In the meantime, AEW has been hiring several of its top wrestlers to work additional full-time jobs in Khan’s office, which allows them to qualify for insurance under the company’s policy. Those positions are often in talent relations, production, coaching and travel coordination.

Cody Rhodes, who is one of AEW’s co-executive vice presidents, has been vocal about his desire to raise the salary floor for AEW’s performers, which he believes will improve their quality of life. He also said he wants to make sure his performers have access to healthcare and other necessities.

While AEW is still early in its development, it is looking to take pro wrestling by storm. The promotion has a strong roster and is expanding rapidly, and it has the potential to challenge WWE in the long term.