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A good desk lamp may completely change the look and feel of your workstation. It may minimize eye strain, help you see what you’re working on more clearly, and establish the perfect tone for getting things done. The fantastic table lamp may also make a statement in terms associated with design.

The  BenQ WiT MindDuo   is the latest model within the company’s lamp series, combining sophisticated illumination technology with complete eye comfort to meet all your requirements. BenQ has you covered whether you need a lamp for work ( BenQ ScreenBar ), entertainment ( BenQ WiT Eye-care Lamp ), or research (BenQ Humor MindDuo). The BenQ WiT MindDuo provides the appropriate color tone and temperature for each mood or setting. The particular complex elements of MindDuo culminate in the simple concept: to enjoy reading. With the proper illumination, you can now provide a productive learning environment for your child or revel in the particular leisurely pleasure of a good book for yourself.

Maximum flexibility with super-wide Illumination

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The WiT MindDuo is a multitasking lamp that adapts to fit any height plus seating posture. The innovative optical design of the Humor MindDuo lights a 95 cm broad desk surface, which is 150% more than equivalent lamps utilizing light-directing louvers. Furthermore, the light has the brightness of 500 lux at your workspace. This ultra-wide design lets you observe everything at a glance and read comfortably across all mediums.

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It contains built-in torque spring technologies and revolutionary ball joints, allowing anybody to change the light’s height and angle. We loved this lamp a lot because of its easy, silent adjustment. The particular curved light head adjusts up plus down and swivels nearly all the way around, allowing light in order to be directed from various heights plus angles. The lamp, built of aluminum alloy and polycarbonate, will be practically perfect in terms of functionality against price: it’s lightweight yet stable, inexpensive but not cheaply manufactured, and slim yet capable of reaching high and wide to throw a glare-free and adaptable light wherever it’s required. The lamp also offers a solid base to keep it from tipping over.

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WiT MindDuo also functions as a charging center to fulfill current technology needs. The particular USB connection supplies 5V/1A electricity to charge your mobile gadgets.

The gentle also includes a control knob on the top that runs the length of the lamp. On the other hand, dimming down from 100% brightness involves merely the simple twisting action, which we rapidly acquired accustomed to doing without even a glance.

Intelligent technology optimized for vision comfort

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This lamp is ideal for kids. It consists of a clever dimming dual reading through mode with regard to children:  

  • The Book Reading Mode gives a 5700K color temperature and high-brightness light that is ideal regarding youngsters who want in order to focus on reading and learning.  
  • The particular Screen Reading through Mode provides a 4000K mid-color heat and reduced brightness, which usually helps to balance any kind of contrast glare. As a result, the particular most pleasant color temp and brightness when reading through on a screen.  

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It also detects tiny environmental variations plus provides optimal and evenly distributed illumination. In addition, the built-in sensor monitors ambient lighting and shows it via the three-color indicator. This allows you in order to choose the best light setting intended for you – or let MindDuo adjust the gentle.

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The WiT MindDuo can also turn on and off the light automatically. However , sometimes you don’t realize a person need to turn on the particular light. Or you leave without turning off the sunshine. Humor MindDuo offers technology that will looks after you. Switch on the Presence Detection toggle behind the knob, and the light will lighting up as you take your own seat. Even better, the light will turn off once a person leave, permitting you in order to conserve electricity.

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This BenQ lamp has a timer, and the particular indicator light flashes to get 10 minutes every 30 minutes, alerting the youngster that it is time to rest! So while youngsters work hard at school, they might also relax and safeguard their eyes.

A colour tone pertaining to every scenario

The BenQ WiT MindDuo can suit all your requirements plus needs, whether you’re working on the laptop or even reading a book, thanks to its capacity to generate practically any color tone along with a spectrum of warm to cool white tones and shine bright or dim low. It’s far more intelligent than your standard table lamp, yet it’s inexpensive enough to replace every fixture in the home.

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Reading is usually an all-encompassing sensory experience. Therefore, a lighting design is always appropriate for your own mood. WiT MindDuo offers various colour temperatures ranging from 2700K in order to 6000K to meet your lighting needs for any activity. Warmer tones are ideal for creativity and relaxation, whilst cooler white light is ideal for concentration.

This lamp also has no blue light or even flickering, thanks to Eye-Care Technology. Choose the pleasant gentle temperature through the BenQ MindDuo light for bedtime reading while you and your kid wind down meant for bed. Reduced blue lighting exposure before night can assist boost Melatonin production and prepare for rest plus recovery.

The particular verdict: BenQ WiT MindDuo

The BenQ WiT MindDuo lamp is a delight to use. This lamp’s adaptability allows it to be used anywhere in your home. It is not intrusive and mixes within with the environment in which it functions. In addition , this particular lamp’s smart technology will undoubtedly benefit you plus your family. This is a fantastic alternative designed for everyone in your home. The BenQ WiT MindDuo lamp is available on  Lazada   and  Shopee   at S$379.

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