Creative Ways To Use Lighting In A Hallway Without Windows – House Digest

In addition to their function, sconces add a lot of flair to any space. They keep the ceiling free of hanging fixtures, which is important for homes with low ceilings — more on that next. They punctuate the environment along the hallway in strategic locations to provide both ambient and accent lighting, as well as call attention to architectural features, wallpaper, or art. As pictured, they highlight an entry mirror and the emerald-painted picture frame molding. In this example, the fixtures are the same, creating cohesion and helping to tie the green section of the particular wall in order to the rest of the space. But in another home, they could very well be coordinating or even complementary to each other. There are unlimited styles plus a variation of sizes and price points available to support your décor and budget.

Sconces can be combined with overhead lighting in the form of recessed or track fixtures, pendants, chandeliers, or even string lights for a cumulative effect.   Emily Henderson notes the best height for them is eye level, though these people can become adjusted for high ceilings. The Knowledge Burrow explains that sconces can be controlled individually or even from a wall switch. If you want to hard-wire them in, which means there are no visible cords and they are permanently connected in order to the electrical system, expect to pay a good electrician approximately $400 per pair associated with sconces. They further suggest installing the dimmer, while  LampShopOnline   recommends warm colors to create an inviting mood.

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