Designer of the Day: Anne Boysen – Surface Magazine

Here, we ask designers to take a selfie and give us an inside look at their life.

Age : 42

Occupation : Designer .

Instagram : @anneboysendk

Hometown: Koege, Denmark.

Studio location : Attached to my home in Koege.

Describe what you make : I transform complexity into playful and intuitive design.

The most important thing you’ve designed to date : Moonsetter , now made by Louis Poulsen . It has all the particular things I do: design, architecture, and art.

Describe the problem your work solves : I want in order to create objects with a simple design language serving form and function. And as We have a penchant for graphic forms, because they are so elementary that everyone gets them plus because we will also use them 50 years from now, I take complex ideas and simplify them as far as they can go. Everything in my function has a function, a raison d’être .

Describe typically the project you are working on now : I’m currently launching Moonsetter with Louis Poulsen. How it came about is an interesting story. I was approached by this Next Danish Design Classic television show to be able to be the contestant. It’s a big deal TV show in Denmark and this was their second season, but I was hesitant because I actually had been spending less time actually designing/making and more time along with my child after he was born premature. My partner and i decided to do it as a way to find my way back to design. There were five contestants and we all had a brief in addition to three weeks per project to style and manufacture it, together with cameras following us around the whole time. One of the briefs was to create a floor lamp that will shaped spaces within a space. This is when I designed Moonsetter, which won the whole competition.  

I was at my desk one night when I suddenly saw it. A ray of moonlight shone through a gap in the curtains. I put different surfaces in front of it and became fascinated with how something white produced a diffused reflection of light, and a mirror, quite another type of reflection. So We asked myself, how do you simplify this in an accessible idiom, making the complex simple plus intuitive? I actually built on basic geometric shapes with the circle, square, in addition to cylinder, merging Moonsetter into an unique and artistic configuration. All three volumes are essential, as each depends on the other within order for the piece to come together as one, both in function and because a construction.

My designs are all about passing on my own experience to the users. I need to have a gut feeling about every design and to understand this with my body. With Moonsetter, I wanted to activate the whole body as I believe we learn and experience life best through our senses. You shape the particular light with the disc and even sense the kind of mood you create. And you dim the light with your foot.   When I won the competition, My partner and i asked who could make that. Everyone said “Louis Poulsen of course. ” So I brought my prototype to their headquarters in Copenhagen and they wanted to produce it, so here we are! First, the idea launched inside Denmark, and now the rest of typically the world.

I’m also making 8 limited editions of the Fab Bench , all signed together with numbered. It’s a glass bench along with a dichroic effect. My spouse and i designed it for The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition 2022 and it’s inspired by the exhibition venue’s original function since a central laundry and by the lightness and changing play of colors of this soap bubble. It’s like floating upon a color-changing and sparkling soap real estate.  

A new or forthcoming project we should know regarding : I’m working on soft seating for a U. S. company (can’t say which), with the timeline with regard to launching in 2024. I’m also operating with Louis Poulsen about more upcoming projects I just can’t talk about yet.

What you absolutely must have in your own studio : When i must have great light in our studio—my mood depends on the gentle. I have 4000K lighting inside my studio so it is very bright and I can see colors clearly. The neighbors even asked if I was growing vegetables since it was so bright. I had to get strong curtains since We often work at night. Every time I have a photographer come in, they love the lighting.

What you do whenever you’re not working : I actually play together with my six-year-old kid. He likes to create things throughout my studio—he actually created a lamp too. And any time I’m stressed I go winter bathing to shock the system and additionally clear my personal mind.

Sources of creative envy : People in the workshops My partner and i visit. When I see great craftsmanship, and people working using interesting materials, my popcorn brain starts getting ideas. My parents were craftsmen, so I grew up around a carpentry environment not to mention I’m inspired by often the feelings My spouse and i get where things are being made, finding inspiration through senses—not images or technology; nothing I just ever did was created behind a new computer.

The particular distraction you want to eliminate : I’d love to eliminate email and text. And when I am hyper-focused, eliminate sound.

Concrete or marble? Marble.

High-rise or townhouse? Neither.

Remember or forget? Forget.

Aliens or even ghosts? Aliens.

Dark or lighting? Light, of course!

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