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Indian festive season is the best part of the particular year that is eagerly awaited by millions. There is a refreshed energy everywhere with markets and streets gleaming with light and luster. To dive into the spirit associated with celebration, re-do a bit on the household front, that is in-line with the latest fashion and trend.

Here are some home decoration plus renovation tips to boost the particular festive spirit and help you make the most of it:

Begin simply by clearing the clutter

One thing that comes along with the particular festive season is gifting. Since you would be involved in exchanging gifts with friends and relatives, it is very important to begin by clearing the clutter. Each household has some unused or non-required waste articles lying in a corner. This time of the particular year requires clearing associated with the corner and organizing your house. Make way for incoming gifts!

Next is lighting

Good lighting is the very essence of celebration and festivals. Make sure your house is well lit and has optimum lighting across spaces. Inspect all the particular bulbs plus shades that are deployed and make sure they are working fine, while replacing the non-operational ones. It is a very good idea to purchase new chandeliers, gentle setups, lamp stands or decoration lights. The more your house shines, the happier you would feel.


Every household has a sofa set or even cozy chairs in the living room. Change the cushion covers and get your hands on some colourful and designer covers. The new look on the cushions would add to the particular good vibe. Also ensure to replace worn-out cushions.


Drapes do add a bit of magic to the overall look of your space. Replace the particular curtains plus drapes at your place and you would feel like you are usually in a new room. There is a huge variety of curtain designs and styles in the market that might change the look of your home, completely.

Indoor plants

Indoor plants go the long method in enhancing the overall look and feel of your area. Get your favorite indoor vegetation from the market and place them around your house. Not only do they add a natural really feel to the house’s appear, they also assist in purifying the air around the house. One thing to keep in mind is to take proper care of the plant life and ensure they remain healthy.

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