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The key to home office ideas is balancing practicality with style.

Ample storage, an ergonomic desk and chair, plus plenty of task lighting are all key considerations, but, being places in which we will spend lots of time, it’s also essential that they are uplifting spaces we enjoy being in.  

Introducing color, pattern, wall decor and statement furniture are usually all brilliant ways in order to bring personality to the space.

For those that don’t have the space for a dedicated room there are many ways to incorporate a workspace into your living space. Or perhaps your  office at home setup  is in the corner of a kitchen? To help get you inspired we’ve rounded up a host of useful and beautiful schemes along with some tips from the experts.

Office at home ideas aren’t limited to a dedicated area. With a carefully considered layout, it’s possible to turn the guest area into a dual-purpose room that can accommodate overnight visitors and also work as an office, too. The important thing to this partnership and  organizing the home office  of any kind is built-in storage, which conceals clutter and work-related papers, keeping the particular room ordered.  

Whatever your situation, these home offices ideas will suit all decoration styles plus spaces both small and large.  

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