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If you can’t spend big, but you want a room that looks stylish and is a pleasure to use, you might be asking how do I decorate my dining room on a tight budget?  

The dining room could be an interior you want to elevate ready for entertaining guests, or perhaps you like the idea of setting the scene for relaxing family time around the table at the end of the particular day and, either way, revamping the space can cost.  

But dining space ideas that make it look its best don’t have to come at a high price, and you can give your room a makeover that’s easy on your pocket. These are the particular ways the experts suggest decorating a home on the budget .

How do I beautify my dining room on a budget?

Whether you prefer modern eating room ideas , or even like a more traditional room, there are plenty of low cost (and even no cost) ways to transform the space from using paint or wallpaper, to giving furniture or the floor the makeover.

While it is essential to set an interior design budget and stick to it , it is also important in order to design a home you will love.   Here design experts explain how to decorate a dining room on the budget.  

1. Create a high-end feel with furniture

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Make a small dining area stylish on a budget by choosing not in order to use a dining table plus chair set, recommends Jessica Hubner, founder of  Hubner Studio (opens in new tab) . ‘By combining a dining table and chairs through different suppliers you can create a more high-end feel, ’ she explains.  

‘Another great way to do this is by merging vintage pieces with brand new, ’ the girl adds. ‘For example, you may want to use a new plus contemporary style dining table combined with vintage or secondhand dining chairs that can be found at affordable antique markets. This eclectic approach also allows you to bring some more personality into the space. ’

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Look to the walls to decorate a dining room beautifully without the huge spend.

‘Adding a gallery wall or artwork to an otherwise blank space is the perfect way to instantly add character and create a focal point in an area that will would otherwise be neglected, ’ says Alysha Alli, who heads up the particular interior design team at Redrow (opens in new tab) .

‘Whether this be a good oversized eclectic or abstract print or a family photo showcasing a happy holiday, artwork is always guaranteed to start a conversation – perfect when entertaining guests over dinner. A textual print, which might include slogans or a famous line from a favorite film, is a fun method to inject humor into your room and can serve as a mood-booster and visual reminder of happiness if you’re feeling the tad stressed after work.

‘How you position your own artwork also offers an opportunity to introduce personality in to the room. While some homeowners may prefer straight, neat lines with their artwork all following a cohesive size, others may choose to be experimental, with different colors plus different-sized frames that are hung in an unregimented fashion.

‘To take this further, produce a gallery wall which includes other items, such as tapestries or even plants resting on small shelves. Adding these parts alongside paintings and prints will generate a center point that is rich in texture, sizes and most importantly, character. ’

3. Select bold color for dining room wall space

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Painting the room requires only a modest spend, but can make a dining room really feel special.

Paint is the simplest way to transform a room; it’s simple and easy, ’ says Martin Waller, founder associated with Andrew Martin (opens in brand new tab) . ‘A formal dining room tends to be a lesser used space in the home which means you may afford in order to go strong in your color choices. Red will be a classic choice, giving the area a formal feel and is said to stimulate the appetite of your guests. But the goal is to make a feeling of intimacy within the space and any darker shade is usually perfect with regard to doing just that. ‘ 

4. Update the floor

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Don’t neglect the particular decorative potential of the dining room ground. Even without laying new flooring, color and pattern can become introduced to bring the area to life without a big spend.

As well because patterned rugs, ‘geometric shapes on flooring tiles look fabulous plus modern and are easy-peasy to develop: use bowls, plates, a person don’t need anything more than complicated than that, ’ says colour and color expert Annie Sloan (opens in new tab) .

5. Look to the lighting

(Image credit: Ben Pentreath)

Getting eating room lighting ideas right is crucial for creating the particular right mood for intimate dining as well as day-to-day make use of, and it’s also an important decorative feature of the room.  

But getting an electrician in may end up being more compared to your spending budget allows, so you may want to take up the particular suggestions of Niki Wright, co-founder associated with Lights & Lamps (opens inside new tab) .

‘Don’t be afraid to use “living room” illumination in the dining room: a floor lamp in a corner or a table lamp at the end of sideboard, ’ he says. These can complement a pendant light above the table, with the floor light to light the corner associated with an eating space.

6. Go regarding gray

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

If you want to beautify a dining room on a tight budget and provide it a look that’s contemporary and also elegant, grey dining room ideas might well be at the particular top of your wishlist.

‘Grays are usually hugely versatile – through cool off-white shades, through warmer neutral mid tones to the very deep and mysterious, ’ says Justyna Korczynska, senior designer in Crown (opens in new tab) .  

‘They have more color and texture within them than directly black – a monochrome scheme associated with black plus white is much more unforgiving than one of shades associated with slate and clay, which will change subtlety with the light throughout the day, giving all of them personality plus character. ’

7. Get creative with existing space

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Dress a table beautifully – and give it individual style – without any expenditure with what you already have in order to hand.

‘Rather than buying a new tablecloth for your own dining area, why not try using leftover  wallpapers? ’ suggests Helen Ashmore, the head of style at Laura Ashley (opens within new tab) . ‘It’s a sustainable, budget-friendly and creative strategy that will be sure to wow guests. You could even use floral  wallpaper  samples since paper plates for macaroons if you end up taking dessert outside. ’

8. Add impact with wallpaper

(Image credit: Chris Everard)

Using leftover wallpapers (above) is a no-cost strategy, but investing in dining room wallpaper ideas needn’t stop you decorating on a budget. A patterned picture hung on one wall can create a striking backdrop for the table and turn a plain room into one that makes an impression.

A botanical design like this one is ideal for rooms used daily, adding freshness and softer lines that contrast with those of the furniture. Mostly use the space after dark? Consider a design featuring a metallic for a little sparkle in the evenings.

9. Bring color to the particular tabletop

(Image credit: John Lewis)

An injection of colour can elevate a dining room when you’re designing on the budget, and as well as considering it at wall and floor level, think tabletop.

‘Style your dining table to give your dining room an elevated feel with a lovely linen tablecloth that can conceal a tired or dated table, ’ says Jessica Hubner. ‘Combine this with some fun colored glassware and place mats. ’

10. Paint furniture

(Image credit score: Emma Lee)

If your budget won’t stretch to new pieces of furniture, painting existing items can give the area a dramatic and chic makeover at a much lower price point.

‘Painting the legs of a dining table a different color in order to the top is the wonderful thing to do if you’ve got a lovely old wooden desk which has seen better days, ’ suggests  Annie Sloan.

Think chairs, too. ‘Paint your dining chairs to match your new color scheme to reimagine your current space, ’ says Jessica.

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