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In this article, we’ve handpicked five original light bulb designs , which are sure to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any space.

Throughout centuries, lighting has been a predominant factor in interior design. That doesn’t come as a surprise. Proper electrical and lighting products don’t just affect the mood of a room but are usually also important for our overall well-being.  

Well-chosen lights create depth and height and can become the center of attention.

1 . Bulb – Pendant light by Tom Man Design

The Israelian artist and designer Tom Guy has designed a lightbulb called ‘Bulb Pendant light’ , which offers a new and exciting take on the classic symbol associated with light.   It is a versatile, beautiful, timeless everyday lamp used alone or with glass pendants.    

The winner of the LOOP Design Awards 2022 is currently studying Industrial Design at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Style. His interest lies in developing complicated projects that contain broad research.  

Bulb - Pendant light by Tom Man Design
© Bulb – Pendant light by Tom Man Design

2. Bubble Light bulb by Yuma Kano 

Next on our list is the work of Japanese designer Yuma Kano , whose designs aim to create a world that’s fun to live in plus where anyone can discover new possibilities by observing everyday things. In collaboration with Kyoko Sano, he’s created Bubble Bulb. As you may guess from the name, the unique product was inspired simply by soap bubbles.  

The particular Tokyo-based developer made minor modifications to ordinary gentle bulbs, and this way, a brand new narrative was born. Simple, yet original. The Bubble Bulb will add a nice touch to any room.

© Bubble Bulb by Yuma Kano 

3. The Lamp Bulb simply by HH Style 

Among the particular coolest lighting bulb designs is the project of Hronao Tusbio. He’s taken a traditional light bulb and twisted it slightly to make the leap through ordinary in order to extraordinary.   The unusual design associated with an incandescent bulb results in the bewildering optical illusion.  

This product, placed near any table, desk, or flat surface along with the help of the particular optional stand, will become a real centerpiece. Just by looking at this, you could never imagine how it could be hanging, sitting, or even charging. The project by HH Style turns a standard lighting fixture into a central artistic design object. Impressive, isn’t this?

Lamp Lamo by HH style
© The particular Lamp Light bulb by HH Style 

4. 001 by Samuel Wilkinson and Plumen

In 2011, Plumen won the Brit Insurance Design of the particular Year, which is known to be one of the world’s highest-profile design awards. The item you see in the photo, however, is an environmentally friendly version of its initial 001 bulbs. This redesign has a patented LED construction, which usually replaces the compact fluorescent technology used before.

Even though the particular light bulb is now produced differently, the brand has kept the double-looped shape created by British designer Samuel Wilkinson. According to the company, 001 hopes in order to inspire change in the world, making it a more sustainable place.

001 by Samuel Wilkinson and Plumen
© 001 simply by Samuel Wilkinson and Plumen

5. GAM by Hyogyeong Kang

Have you ever thought about the way you switch the light on? Designer Hyogyeong Kang has found a new and fascinating way to do it.   The Persimmon, a tree-growing fruit, inspired her concept design GAM lamp that has gained huge traction within Korea. With her interactive light style, she challenges the way we view light.

GAM requires you to interact physically with the light source itself. The project features two orb-shaped bulbs that users can ‘pick’ plus ‘take’ with them wherever they go. It does not get much more authentic than this particular!

GAM by Hyogyeong Kang
© GAM simply by Hyogyeong Kang

Lighting can make or break the entire ambiance of your area. While function comes first, aesthetics shouldn’t be forgotten too. These original gentle bulb styles have the particular best of both worlds – they look good and will serve their purpose well.

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