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Pics: Abhijith N Kolpe

Daijiworld Media Network – Mangaluru (ANK)

Mangaluru, Sep 17: A youth from Urwa Store has learnt the art of make the best out associated with waste. Ujwal Albert D’Cunha, a Dubai returnee hit by the particular pandemic, has learnt this art using waste tires and alcoholic beverages bottles.

Worn out tyres are either thrown, dumped or burnt which is very harmful for the environment. Also during monsoon, these scrap tyres make way for diseases like malaria and dengue, with water being stagnant in them.

Ujwal offers come up with an unique idea to convert the scrap tires into furniture. Apart from that, Ujwal also turns alcohol bottles in to ashtray and glass tumblers. He also makes hanging light, night table lamp and paper light with the help of yarn or wool which can be used during Deepavali and Christmas.

During the pandemic, Ujwal returned from Dubai which turned out to be a plus point for him. He was going through social media where he come across recycling of tyres into furnishings. He then made three tyre chairs with ropes that was delivered to Camp Alpha in Chikkamagaluru. Ujwal came up with different ideas to make tyre chairs look even more attractive by installing cushions, sponge plus clothing designs.

Generally, alcohol bottles are thrown or sold in order to scrap shops. Ujwal provides used these types of waste alcoholic beverages bottles to convert all of them into cup tumblers and ashtrays. Ujwal cuts the particular alcohol bottles and softens the sharp edges in order to give a smooth finish that is perfect to be used.

Ujwal also makes some cool night table lamp, hanging lighting fixtures plus pendant lamps with the help of yarn or even cotton threads which may be utilized during Xmas and Deepavali for decorative lighting. Pallets are generally used for transportation and storage. Ujwal however grabs them to reuse it for making furniture.


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