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Moonside Design is a new company that has been causing a stir with its smart lighting products for the home. They have been praised for their innovative products that are also aimed at affordable prices. Their latest product the Moonside Lamp One looks to illuminate your set-up with a dazzling array of colours.

The Lamp One is a lightweight device with a minimalist design that will easily slot into any house decor.

Its cylindrical shape allows the lamp to brighten the room with 360 degrees of light. Its design is completed with a power button and USB-C port at the bottom. The Lamp One is a pleasant-looking product that has an elegant design allowing it to easily slot into any house decor.

Its minimalist design that will easily slot into any house decor

The Lamp One needs to be plugged in via the USB-C port for power, however, I feel due to its size and lightweight, it should’ve been built with an internal battery, allowing it to be easily used in an outdoor environment.

The Lamp One has a 16 million colour range with 120 individually dynamic colour zones, this amazing depth in colour grants the user endless combinations that are easy to manage via their app.

Moonside’s app grants a plethora of lighting effects and options which allow users to dictate their experience.

The Lamp One includes a unique feature that lets users draw patterns on a grid with each square representing the colour zones. This smart feature is fantastic, granting the user excellent control over their experience.

The app also allows users to set the brightness and the warmth of the lamp making it a versatile device that can be used at different times of the day.

The app features a plethora of options

I was thoroughly impressed with the range of preset lighting effects that were available from the get-go, alongside being easily able to create custom ones.

The app could do with a few more features that would allow users to control timings or even pattern directions within the presets.

The Lamp One includes a music sync feature that lets the chosen lighting effect flicker along with any song playing in the background. This feature works well but I found it lacked sensitivity and struggled to pick up music devices with low bass.

The lamp will be able to integrate with third-party apps such as Alexa & Google Assistant through Wi-Fi. However, I found that setting this was very difficult and required a lot of back and forth between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to get it all working.

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Verdict 4/5

Moonside’s Lamp One is a great device that is powerful and bright allowing it to really illuminate its surroundings with ease. Its app is filled with an impressive amount of depth allowing the user to really control their experience.

It’s a great and affordable way to really customise your space with your own perfect style of lighting.

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