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How was it that I, a professional gardener, couldn’t keep her houseplants alive? There, in the mirror’s reflection, my peace lily sagged, the begonia browned, my African violets pouted while bugs circled their leaves like vultures. Despite living by a bright window in a warm room, my houseplants resented me. I was an absent plant mom, never home, too busy trimming and tidying more important, outside-world plants to give my own kids enough attention. And it showed.

But I wasn’t going in order to give up our day job, or the home garden I loved puttering in on weekends. “If only We had the houseplant nanny, ” I actually told my husband. “Like someone who knows a bit about horticulture to come by and care for my indoor plants. ” He crinkled his eyebrows. “Aren’t you the plant childcare professional? ”

He was right. It has been a touch absurd to hire someone to do the very thing I knew how to do best. Then again, with a job, three kids, four pets, and a life in general, I had little time to water, remember when I’d watered, kill bug eggs with alcohol, figure out lighting problems, plus on and on. Just thinking about it overwhelmed me personally. Ten more things for me to do. Well, maybe 4, but hey, it felt like ten.

Finally, after months of anxiety-inducing, half-assed houseplant care, I figured out a key piece of the particular puzzle. We didn’t need a human plant nanny. I actually needed a good artificial one. So I started experimenting with tech for houseplant maintenance. To say the least, life changed. For the way better.

After a few false starts, I discovered six things that function as a kind of houseplant nanny kit. They now keep my vegetation not only alive, but healthy and happy. That, of course , means I’m healthy and happy too.

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What Did We Just Buy?

Car parked inside of a store with the trunk and shopping cart full of potted plants.

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Let’s say you were at the particular grocery store, saw an incredibly cool plant , lost your mind, plus paid $50, then brought it house. Great, yet what now? A plant identification app can help. You simply take a photo, upload it, and the app gives you its botanical and common names. Why is knowing so important? Because if you know where your herb grows inside the wild, you’ll know how to keep it happy at home. You’ll provide the right light, water, soil, and food. You are the particular god of earth and weather within an indoor living space, so plan accordingly.

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