Parent Review: BenQ MindDuo Eye-Care Table Lamp – Little Day Out

Parent Review: BenQ MindDuo Eye-Care Table Lamp

My daughter will be taking her PSLE next year. With the expected increase in her workload, I worry about her eyes getting strained. To protect her eyesight, having a good task light is crucial. So , when I read about the excellent features of the BenQ MindDuo Eye-Care Table Light, I decided to give it a try.

BenQ MindDuo Eye-Care Table Light fixture: Easy to Set Up, Fun to Use

“Can we set it up now? ” my 11-year-old pleaded with me when she saw the table lamp in its box. I was hesitant as it was already late, but the DIY-fanatic insisted that this would not take very long to put the particular parts together – and she was right!

BenQ MindDuo Eye-Care Table Lamp: Easy to Set Up, Fun to Use
The unboxed components of the BenQ MindDuo Eye-Care Table Lamp

Following the particular instructions within the quick start guide, she had the lamp up on her study table in a jiffy and proceeded to explore the various features. She had fun turning on the lamp by just placing her hand under the particular on/off sensor, and fiddling with the rotary knob to toggle between different functions such as colour temperature, brightness level and reading mode.

Just place your hand 2 cm under the on/off sensor to switch the lamp on
Just place your hand 2 cm under the on/off sensor to switch the lamp on

Throughout this process, my husband and I just experienced to make sure that the arm of the lamp was screwed tightly enough in order to the base pedestal. A word of caution: the base is a little heavy plus should be held on to when moving the light.

Well-designed – Aesthetically and Technologically

BenQ MindDuo Well-designed – Aesthetically and Technologically

My first impression, using the BenQ MindDuo in place, was how aesthetically pleasing it is. The light fixture head, with its graceful backward arch and rounded edges, cuts an attractive figure and would fit well along with any room design. Using minimal controls – most functions can be accessed via a single rotary knob – adds to the sleekness of the lamp.

Besides looking good, the BenQ MindDuo is also a well-designed piece of technology. By using light-guiding louvres within a curved lamp head, the illumination area is enlarged and light rays are spread more evenly. This clever design has enabled the particular BenQ MindDuo to achieve a range that is 150% wider than other comparable lamps!

Now, my daughter can have her written homework set out in front of her, with all the laptop at the side for the occasional research, without encountering any loss in brightness when switching between these tasks.

From what I read on typically the BenQ website, when the light head will be hovering 40 cm above the desk, the entire lit-up area : which is 95 cm wide – is usually supposed to have an illuminance of at least 500 Lux. Lux, by this way, is a measure of the amount of light falling on a surface.

Checked with a light meter app

When I checked with a light meter app, I was delighted to get a reading associated with over 800 Lux even when the phone was directed at a spot near often the edge regarding the lighting zone!

Comfortable Lighting for Every Scenario

Another plus for me is that the BenQ MindDuo provides just the right amount involving light in order to allow my child to read or write comfortably. This is achieved through the use of a built-in ambient gentle sensor, which automatically detects the lighting of your area plus intelligently supplements the light required to allow for optimal working conditions.

With her previous table light fixture, she often had problems selecting the correct light intensity, and ended up tiring out her eyes. The difference was obvious when she first tried the BenQ MindDuo.

The BenQ MindDuo also offers different modes with regard to book reading and screen reading, which is very helpful considering the exact increasing amount of computer work that children have to do nowadays.

Using the screen reading mode that provides light with a warmer colour temperature

A high-brightness light having a cooler colour temperature encourages concentration when reading a book, while the dimmer light with a new warmer colour tone is definitely more suitable when reading off a computer screen.

True Concern for Eye Health

I also appreciate how the BenQ MindDuo approaches eye health in a holistic manner. Besides striving to provide the best lighting in every situation, it also tries to counter bad habits or careless behaviour.

The particular presence detection function, regarding instance, is really a godsend. Once it can be activated, the lamp lights up automatically when it senses the particular user in the desk in addition to turns itself off 30 minutes after typically the user offers left.

This really is great because my kid tends to be able to forget about everything else whenever her nose is buried in some sort of book ~ including changing on the light! A self-illuminating lamp would ensure that she is always reading in good lighting conditions. Typically the auto switch-off is undoubtedly helpful for saving energy.

The lamp fixture also comes with a good reminder for you to take vision breaks – in this form connected with a blinking light upon the rotary knob after every 30 minutes of usage. While I think this is a good idea, my child did not notice the flashes when the girl spent an extended amount with time operating at her desk. I think they did not show up bright enough as the surrounding area was well lit by the lamp.

Other Appreciated Features

BenQ MindDuo Eye-Care Table Lamp Review

Some other features of often the BenQ MindDuo that I like include an USB port for charging mobile devices and the ultra flexible arm, which is your result for combining torque spring technologies and patented ball joints.

Overall BenQ MindDuo Eye-Care Table Lamp Review

I am glad to possess found the exact BenQ MindDuo Eye-Care Table Lamp. It is sensitive to the needs about today’s multitasking kids and even, with its focus on eye health, is a trusted companion on their learning journey. Most important in all, the child loves using this!

Find out more about the particular BenQ MindDuo Eye-Care Desk Lamp . It is also available for purchase on Shopee and Lazada .

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