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baby chick night lamp by Muid in amoy

The Baby Chick Night Lamp simply by Muid within Amoy is a rechargeable lighting design that softly illuminates one’s bedroom for a cozy, deep sleep or any dark space, conferring its gentle glow. At first, the portable night light may resemble just a toy or action figure, but once the switch button is on, it is easy to see the functionality of this smart-home technology , even more than for playing or even display. The silicon material of the lamp gives it the smooth look. When the particular eyes land upon it, there is a sense of playfulness and sophistication brewing compared to when a product employs plastic as its primary materials. The lamp’s legs comprise two yolk-colored legs that will help this recline, and when the user bows its head down, the nose acts as a button to change off the lamp.

rechargeable baby chick night lamp illuminates your bedroom for a cozy sleep
images courtesy of MUID

Portable plus easy-to-use night time lamp 

In the box, an USB cable is included to charge the transportable baby girl night light. The simple design makes the product more functional and less complicated, and Muid in Amoy only installed and touch button at the back of the chick’s head to indicate the power button. Gazing at the design, only the lower half of the chick’s body will be lit with regard to this particular lamp, and one may wonder how it will look like if the designer made the particular chick’s whole body glow in warm light. Another functionality that can be considered for the next batches is a button that can adjust the intensity of the comfortable light and shift the light style from warm in order to white. In the meantime, the adorable Baby Chick Night Lamp, which seems to have the size of the palm, does its job of emitting a soft glow.

rechargeable baby chick night lamp illuminates your bedroom for a cozy sleep
rechargeable child chick evening lamp lights up your bed room for a cozy sleep

Producing human-centered designs

Founded in 2013, MUID is usually a brand that belongs to Xiamen Feirong Home Supplies Limited Company. Its products appeal to its customers through their human-centered designs while ensuring the life-shell of their products. With the practical function of the company’s offerings, the ambition is to push the limits associated with curiosity plus serve its consumers with the best-quality commodities it can produce, delivering a customer-friendly user experience while establishing a long-term relationship with its clients.

The company says that will in the past six years, it has won the hearts of many customers who share the beliefs. Through this result, the company strives to invest more in the research and development of its design and brand management. The particular Baby Girl Night Lamp is only one of the many lamps and house accessories offerings that the organization sells. As of publishing the story, the company is yet to upload the Baby Chick Night time Lamp in their online shop .

rechargeable baby chick night lamp illuminates your bedroom for a cozy sleep
close-up view of the particular lamp

the material seems to be made of silicone, just like the other night lamp products of MUID

this is standard rechargeable through an USB cable

Baby Chick Night Light designed by Muid in Amoy

project info:

name: Child Chick Evening Lamp

developer: Muid within Amoy

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jul 19, 2022

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