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While sleep spaces are deeply personal, you might want yours to echo the Restoration hardware bedroom ideas you have seen in the brand’s showrooms or online. But where to start?  

There’s much to consider when artfully assembling this oh-so important serene space, so we turned in order to top interior designers who use RH furniture and accessories to create their schemes to give us their own bedroom idea must-haves for creating the ultimate retreat.

These are their favorite ways in order to design a bedroom , the RH way.

RH bedroom suggestions

From bed ideas to considering wellness, these RH bedroom concepts will inspire your new scheme.

1 . Set the mood with lighting

(Image credit: Katie Davis / Photos by Melissa Fitzgerald West)

Focussing hard on bedroom lighting ideas in order to get the particular mood right is all important.  

‘Lighting is everything, ‘ New York-based inside designer Cara Woodhouse (opens in new tab) declares. ‘Whether you want to set a mood or light up the entire space, the key is layering illumination. ‘ 

Woodhouse often opts for recessed lighting for practical purposes but defers to a variety of sconces and lamps to create alternative moods. Houston-based designer Katie Davis (opens in new tab) steers clear of overhead lights.  

‘In the bedroom we use lower lighting, ‘ she explains, ‘at different heights plus layer it into the space because it’s good to have options when you’re tired or more awake. ‘

South Florida-based designer Laetitia Laurent, of Laure Nell Interiors (opens inside new tab) , echoes the power of dimly lit interiors. ‘Soft dimmable lighting is the only option in a bedroom, ‘ she states. ‘It leads to peace, rest, intimacy and feeling energized. ‘

2. Layer for better sleep

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

RH bed room ideas are typically packed with layering. And what’s the bedroom without layers associated with tactile interest, after all?  

‘Good sheets, amazing mattress, great night table lamps and a candle by my side table, ‘ are usually Woodhouse’s must-haves.

‘Layers plus various textures are necessary for comfort, but increasing fabric elements to absorb sound also helps in order to damper noise, ‘ says New York-based designer Laurence Carr (opens in new tab) , that also thinks they aid better rest . ‘This is where you want to pay special attention in order to achieve those amazing nights of uninterrupted sleep. ‘

3. Introduce a mix of materials

RH Contemporary Collection

(Image credit: RH)

Senior designer of Ontario-based design firm Aspen & Ivy , Ria DaCosta describes that a well-designed space often has a mix of several materials, from metal and wood to fabric plus stone, offering depth and intrigue to a space. This can be kickstarted by headboard tips .

‘I love an upholstered headboard on a wood-frame mattress with stone nightstands topped with metal lamps, ‘ says DaCosta. ‘Design is all about marrying together various pieces and components to best complement each other, creating a layered plus dynamic bedroom that can be explored and enjoyed. ‘

Woodhouse drives home the notion that your bed is the single most important consideration in the bed room. ‘This will be where you spend half your life, ‘ she asserts. ‘I regularly hear, ” I don’t care about the bedroom because no one will see it” and I think that should definitely not be your thought process when it comes to your own bedroom! ‘

4. Choose a stylish bed as a focal point

RH Modern Collection

(Image credit: RH)

Houston-based designer Nina Magon (opens in new tab) points out the design integrity a fashionable bed adds within the bedroom. ‘Selecting a stylish bed will produce a lovely eye-catching focal point within the particular bedroom style, ‘ she explains.  

‘Beds range in many various styles and can be customized in various ways, so there is always a way in order to really add a personal touch and style to this important design element. ‘ 

When this comes to bed styles, Laurent adds, ‘Lately I’ve been loving boxed velvet platform beds – they feel very luxe and grounded. ‘ Davis shares, ‘We always put an antique within a bedroom, it gives some age and soul to the space. ‘

5. Make it feel luxurious

(Image credit: Anne Hepfer)

When it comes in order to finding the best bed sheets , Laurent turns to lighter threads that will look clean and crisp against the contrasting headboard.  

Toronto-based interior developer Anne Hepfer (opens in brand new tab) has her own recipe with regard to creating welcoming soft spots in the particular bedroom. ‘Good bedding that looks full enough to sink into is always the goal, ‘ she clarifies. ‘We spend so much time in mattress that shopping for bed linens is not the particular time in order to economize! Invest in bedding that makes you would like to curl up plus close your eyes. ‘

6. Plan for well-being

(Image credit: RH)

Just as great bedding is a must, so is choosing the greatest mattress . ‘The ability for one’s furniture, especially your bed mattress, to support your body and adapt to your own pressure points can ensure proper rest, and more energy during the day, ‘ notes Carr.  

7. Choose the best color for your bedroom

(Image credit score: Cara Woodhouse)

If you are looking regarding bedroom colour ideas , it’s vital to think beyond your favorite shades. Asking, ‘ Which color is best for the bedroom ? ‘ should be centered around the need to create a space that’s perfect for inducing sleep, too.

‘One also has to consider color psychology – the colors a person choose play a large role inside the emotional response one has to a space. ‘ 

Harking back to our bedrooms being our sanctuaries, whether bright or dark, subtle or rich, the color psychology of this space must speak personally to its inhabitants.

Hepfer adds, ‘A sense associated with comfort plus serenity that will begins with a comfy bed and extends to all the particular tactile components you encounter in a bedroom, from the linen of the toss cushions in order to the glaze of the lamp, ‘ she continues, ‘when properly considered, every thing in a bed room should make you want to exhale a sigh of relief. ‘

8. Choose a serene color palette

(Image credit: Jeremy Philips)

‘I think when you create the zen-den vibe you feel this and may relax and rest your mind, body and spirit, ‘ muses Woodhouse. ‘I love creating softer palettes in bedrooms to provide a serene sensation – spaces filled with creamy whites and light tones of color definitely do the trick. ‘ 

Plus when it comes to furniture, stick with your palette. Woodhouse notes, ‘You may lighten up your bed room with furnishings as well plus try to make things as highly functional as possible whether it’s through task reading lights next to your mattress or adding a carafe of water with glasses ready intended for each night. ‘ 

9. Add space to get seating

(Image credit: Millier London)

If you’re considering bedroom furniture ideas , don’t underestimate the restorative nature of a cozy seating or even reading nook in your bedroom. ‘I love the idea of a sitting area in a bedroom, ‘ mentions Davis.  

Laurent echoes the particular sentiment, including, ‘I use the Cloud Sectional (opens in new tab) upon repeat along with many Ben Soleimani rugs (opens in brand new tab) in bedrooms We design, but I think the Royce chaise (opens inside new tab) is one associated with my personal favorites. ‘ 

Woodhouse also recognizes the significance of a reflective seating area in the bedroom style. ‘I really like creating a serene feeling and experience plus intentional seating adds to the storytelling, ‘ the girl explains. ‘It may be the place where all of us spend most of our own time in and it’s such an essential room in our homes. ‘

10. Coating with bed room rugs

(Image credit: Weaver Green grey rug)

Cara Woodhouse believes that adding that will soft, luxurious bedroom rug ideas underfoot help in order to ground the space and sets your senses within the right direction each morning.

Laurent shares that ‘a good rug is essential. You want to step onto a soft cloud, and I like to introduce subtle contrast with a rug, the higher pile with some silk or viscose in order to allow the light to bounce off associated with it plus give that beautiful sheen. ‘

What kind of bedroom style is RH?

At the core, a RH bedroom is seemingly formulaic and functional having a shabby chic edge, along with vintage accessories and distressed furniture. But its in the particular artful assembly of these elements that take it from a store-bought look to a special space we all lay the heads at night to serene sanctuary. ‘The bedroom’s base components – like the bed, nightstands, and dressers – create a prescriptive landscape, ‘ points out interior designer Anne Hepfer, ‘and then we add soft, sumptuous layers plus accessories to make it more special and meaningful. ‘

Which RH bedroom accessories to buy?

Interior developer Anne Hepfer prefers RH nightstands due to the fact of their particular superior quality pertaining to a fair price. She also information, ‘They also provide ample storage space so you can keep your sightlines clutter-free. ‘ 

Designer Katie Davis shares that will she becomes to the Maison Cane bed (opens in new tab) for interest in the bedroom. ‘The cane detail is something different that provides warmth and texture like wood, but is not too heavy, ‘ the lady says.  

Woodhouse, on the other hand, is usually partial in order to curves and often recommends the particular Lotus bed (opens in new tab) to her clients. ‘It is super curvy plus imparts softness to the room, ‘ she explains. ‘It can make you wish to jump in it and go to sleep, and I actually also like to pair it with the Wyeth Travertine Nightstands (opens in brand new tab) . ‘ 

Philadelphia designer Maria Viola- Kuttruff (opens in new tab) looks to RH for textural cues. ‘RH has incredible table choices that display textual materiality like faux shagreen or even boucle – perfect meant for a bed room, ” she says. ‘And, you can’t underestimate the cool factor texture brings to a bedroom. ‘

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