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the ‘varmblixt collection’ by sabine marcelis

IKEA teams with Rotterdam-based designer Sabine Marcelis to develop this newest line of sculptural design objects. Dubbed VARMBLIXT, the collection will introduce twenty new, thoughtfully crafted products — from lighting , serve ware, rugs and more — to the iconic Swedish furniture brand which hopes to inspire curiosity connected to lighting in the home.  

The team at IKEA embarks on the collaboration as part of a larger goal in order to shift the perception of lighting. Rather than simply functional objects, these lighting pieces hope to transform the particular atmosphere associated with a home and inspire an emotional response. The VARMBLIXT Collection will be launched upon all IKEA markets in February 2023.

ikea sabine marcelis images courtesy IKEA

stripped-back and luminous objects for ikea

For the VARMBLIXT collection at IKEA , Sabine Marcelis has designed four illumination pieces which will be kept long-term in the IKEA range. These take inspiration from the designer ‘s longtime explorations with unique geometries, especially a signature motif seen in her work — the particular perfectly infinite doughnut. This familiar shape is translated into three new items for IKEA, including two serve-ware items and one signature lamp.

The selection further includes the VARMBLIXT LED pendant lamp, which usually features curved pipes made from frosted white glass, and the VARMBLIXT LED wall mirror designed with a semi-transparent cup panel and light strip. Each is a sculptural object when turned off, plus transforms into a stunning display of light whenever illuminated. With the exception of the five long-term additions, all other objects will be available for limited time in stores.  

designboom speaks along with designer Sabine Marcelis and IKEA Product + Design Manager Henrik Most to learn more about the particular collection plus collaborative process.

ikea sabine marcelis

designboom (DB): Can you describe this latest collection? What inspired the shapes and color palette?

Sabine Marcelis (SM): I was first contacted simply by Henrik a few years back in order to create something for the IKEA art event in 2021, which became a light. And then from there, he asked me to create a larger collection focused around lighting, plus VARMBLIXT was born.

The collection is very much centered around bringing warmth in to the home, through lights, and really celebrating that light has such a powerful way of transforming how we experience space. Then other objects either bring warmth through their tactility, or by encouraging warm interactions with each some other.

ikea sabine marcelis

DB: While the recurring infinite doughnut appears, the particular collection includes a number associated with new geometries. What is your process with regard to developing these types of forms?

SM: IKEA customers each have their own unique homes. I wanted to create design pieces that will work within many different types of architecture and aesthetics. So I stripped these designs back to a very minimal shape that would possess a single gesture. They’re all stripped back to basics. We also try to use the minimal amount of material plus resources as possible, but along with a maximum effect. With regard to example, the light behind me is just a solitary line that’s been pulled slightly off the wall, which allows for the light in order to flow on the wall.

There will be also a mirror within the selection which is usually an individual sheet associated with glass, which, because of its manipulation, is being partially mirrored and tinted. With a light behind it, many layers of depth are created inside this singular sheet associated with glass. So the collection offers my signature to this, but there is the sense of anonymity to the items as well.

ikea sabine marcelis

DB:   How provides the cooperation with IKEA influenced the design process?

SM:   I’ve learned a lot from the process. When things get shipped around the world, you don’t want to become sending out any air. So with the whole collection — even the particular chandelier which usually takes up the most space —  is definitely packaged within this very slim, flat cardboard box. It’s really amazing that the particular IKEA group has been able to optimize the whole logistics side of it.

ikea sabine marcelis

Henrik Most (HM): The formal language and geometrical shapes also tie very well directly into the designs at IKEA. Obviously we are a Scandinavian company and a lot of Scandinavian design is quite minimal in many ways. There is a consciousness of how we use materials and we create an effect with small means — it’s not overwhelmingly decorative. Sabine’s formal language ties together with what all of us appreciate in IKEA when it comes to that certain way associated with working with form language.

Exactly what makes Sabine stand out as a designer or creator is not that she’s just replicating simple designs. There’s always something happening — a twist or a turn that moves it straight into something in an unexpected result. That’s what makes Sabine an unique designer.

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