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While the whole world seems to be on TikTok for the dances plus cute puppies, we’re on the app for the particular clever design ideas —particularly the ones that involve a cheap thrill from IKEA . The same goes for other platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Reddit: We’ll happily fall down the rabbit hole of Billy bookcase plus Ivar cabinet transformations any day.  

Rather than feel guilty about the particular hours we’ve spent mindlessly consuming hacks, we’ve decided to celebrate it by rounding up some of our thumb-stopping favorites from this month.  

Level Up Your Side Piece

What makes something go viral? It seems the winning recipe is a combo associated with catchy audio, a low-price idea, and an IKEA classic . At least that was the case for an user known as Gege ( @lesslikelytodrinkfriend ), who racked upward 3. 5 million views with her project that will involved combining two Lack side tables to create a more elevated look with—bonus! —a shelf. The $15 upgrade called for a bit of Gorilla wood glue plus a little black paint. Be sure to check out part two for even more how-to details.  


Play Hide-and-Seek 

With stumped homeowners asking everything through “What is this room missing? ” to “Can you help me pick the paint color, ” Reddit’s r/HomeDecorating section is a solid resource for the particular indecisive. Recently, an user posted an SOS for an awkward router situation where the corner setup was simultaneously plugged into 2 adjacent walls, making an easy cover-up tough. Even worse, the person had hung a swing chair above the tech, so the solution needed to be low profile. For a quick fix, one clever responder experienced the genius suggestion associated with buying IKEA’s Saluding basket, cutting the hole in the back for the cords, and concealing the device inside. The particular bin’s open top still allows access to the essential reset button when Internet gets spotty.  

Let There Be Light

Stockholm-based DIYer Lejla Eken ‘s mushroom lighting trick costs only $25 plus doesn’t require any electrical know-how. With the glass Karafe , Blanda serving bowl, Molgan light, and a layer of textured spray paint, she crafted an adorable dome-shaped table lamp. While the particular motion-activated LED fixture the girl used will be not available in the States, you can replicate the hack with a mini Ramsta light or simply by gluing a string associated with Ledfyr lights under the particular bowl. You can also swap out the Finnish-based Maston stone paint with regard to a similar, made-in-the-USA option by Rust-Oleum . This particular DIY puts the fun in fungi.

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