This collapsible lantern kit is the only light you need to keep the darkness at bay – indoors well as outdoors – Yanko Design

Extreme weather and natural disasters are becoming frighteningly more common these days, so preparedness for any eventuality is no longer really optional. People are advised to have an emergency “go bag” always ready with important supplies and tools that will help them survive a disaster or a few nights in an evacuation center. One of those essential survival tools, whether for emergencies or camping, is a flashlight, but the harsh directed lighting that it produces isn’t always ideal in all situations. When you need the softer light to illuminate an area, you’ll probably reach out for a lantern instead, and this handy, space-saving lantern kit ensures that you will always have one in your bag and within reach whenever you need this.

Designer: Yuji Yanagisawa

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Flashlights, especially the smaller LED ones, are great for shining light on a specific spot, not so much for lighting up a room, a tent, or shared space in some expulsion center. The bright, directed beams of flashlights can, in fact , be harmful, intrusive, or even disconcerting for people seeking shelter from an emergency. A lantern would be the best solution, yet even the smallest ones are bulky plus take up area inside your go bag. Some creative people place a PET bottle with water on top associated with a flashlight to diffuse the brightness, but that setup is flimsy, inconvenient, and not always possible within some circumstances.

With those limitations and ideas in mind, designer Yuji Yanagisawa envisioned the Tomori Lantern Kit. Rather than providing a ready-made lantern, Tomori is actually a kit that lets you quickly set upward a lantern and then rapidly put it away when you no longer need it. The best parts about this lantern kit are usually that it takes up almost no room when collapsed and may also use any conventional flashlight that will can fit inside its clamps.

The base of the particular kit is a foldable cardboard piece that serves as the flashlight holder plus stable structure of the lamp. The particular kit comes with the rather nondescript LED torch that you can use upon its own when not docked inside the lantern. In fact , the particular cardboard base can hold any cylindrical flashlight that is less than 30mm in diameter and 160mm in length. This means that you can make use of the same torch for the lantern as well as for typical uses, or even you can have a set of backup flashlights when one’s battery goes empty.

A lantern wouldn’t be a lantern without a lamp shade, of course , and the package comes in three varieties. Gray/Gradient tries to mimic a more traditional lantern look, with a gray cardboard base and a yellowish plastic shade reminiscent of well-used vintage lanterns. Blue/Stripe has a more modern aesthetic, sporting a blue interior along with a translucent plastic cover along with thin white stripes encompassing the lantern. Last but definitely not least, Yellow/Cross adds a bit of visual flair with a yellow body plus a clear lampshade marked by crisscrossing lines.

The entire kit, excluding the flashlight, folds down to a flat A4-sized package, perfect for stashing in bags or drawers, ready for use in an urgent situation. While the design and purpose of the particular lantern kit were originally intended for all those emergencies, the usefulness extends far beyond dire circumstances. It can be used with regard to camping, regarding example, as long as you keep this out of the rain, or it can be used to gently light a room at night. Its open design makes it possible not really only to use different flashlights but also to create different lampshades associated with your own. The lantern kit’s simplicity belies its sophisticated design and flexibility, promising a person a stress-free night in the darkness, wherever you may be.

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