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No sooner has summer started and the dreaded back-to-school ads on TV begin than it’s time to start planning study spaces for college freshers and next year’s tranche associated with Leaving plus Junior Cert students.

Whether it’s fitting out custom-built student digs, or reconfiguring a bedroom at home to include study space, there are essential items in order to include to foster a practical and healthy environment where a student is likely to spend hours at a time.

 Go multi-functional with the Olsen desk, and use it as a dressing table when study time is over (€225 at
Go multi-functional with the Olsen desk, plus use it as a dressing table when study time is over (€225 at

But layout depends on your preferred way of studying, according to Becky Martin, Ikea UK and Ireland interior design manager. “If you use a lot of books and take notes by hand, choose a deeper desk with space for the notepad plus computer, ” she says.

“If all your projects are in the cloud, you may prefer a wider desk with space for multiple monitors. A comfortable and well-adjusted chair is a must-have to keep you focused on the task in hand. ”

Student accommodation often comes already furnished, but there are things you can do to help get more out of the area, according to Becky.

Around the table, a laptop or monitor stand along with drawers and switched extension sockets can help you save energy plus money simply by turning off devices whenever you’re not using them.

“Switching away chargers and devices may also help you sleep by eliminating any flashing battery chargers.

“A laptop table will be handy to have, allowing you to easily turn any space into a study room, as well as doubling up as a handy side table that can fold away. ”


But if the last two years have taught us anything about work-and-life balance while working from home, it is the need to separate the two.

This is particularly crucial when you sleep plus study in the same space.

“Keep everything you need to research contained in one area by having enough storage to be able to put points away and switch away from, ” Becky says.

“Modular units with adjustable shelves and a mix of open and closed storage are perfect to keep the clutter at bay. ”

 The streamlined Alex desk has drawers for extra storage and looks good enough to deploy as a console table when no longer needed for study. (€115 from Ikea).
The streamlined Alex desk has drawers for extra storage and looks good enough in order to deploy because a console table when no longer needed for study. (€115 from Ikea).

Often overlooked, one of the most important considerations is usually lighting, especially task lighting. “A desk lamp is essential to complement a good general light in a study space, helping to eliminate glare through screens and keep you concentrated, ” states Becky.

“A clamp gentle can help maximise area on your table, and the integrated LED lighting source gives a clear plus direct light. Of course, no student room would be complete without some mood illumination to assist you relax. ”

With the cost associated with living rising, Ikea’s Circular Hub is worth checking out for bargains.

 Where strapped for space, the Ivar table from Ikea creates a desk and can be folded away when not in use (€90).
Where strapped for room, the Ivar table from Ikea creates a desk and can be folded away whenever not in use (€90).

“You can buy pre-loved or ex-display items as nicely as using the buy-back service for furniture, including desks and shelving units that you no lengthier need, making it great for the planet as well as your pocket, ” says Becky.


Yet the trending accessory with regard to student spaces is the particular houseplant, along with added benefits. “Plant care is definitely self-care, ” says Michele Bertoni, owner of Verd Houseplants.

“Taking time to care for a plant can be very relaxing and help with stress.

Now is the best time to get new houseplants since they’re within the active growing season and less heat input is needed during warmer months.

“It means most of them are in similar prices or even cheaper compared to the few months ago, going against the particular price hikes we are seeing in many other sectors. ”

If space is limited, Michele recommends desk plants small enough to display on a bedside locker or windowsill, or using plant hangers to maintain surfaces clear.

 Hanging planters are space-saving, keeping desk surface areas clear for essential study items (Geo Zinnia hanging planter €15 at
Hanging planters are usually space-saving, keeping desk surface areas obvious for important study products (Geo Zinnia hanging planter €15 from

To keep treatment to a minimum during busy term-time, plants needing much less light tend to also be low maintenance, according in order to Michele: “Watering can happen once a week to as soon as a month. Feeding should be carried on twice a month over the growing time of year, and most houseplants don’t require any pruning. ”

For darker rooms, she suggests a peace lily, snake plants plus philodendrons, and for easy growing, especially catering to the novice plant parent, she says. “One of the particular easiest vegetation to grow regarding beginners are also one of the most affordable, plus they come in countless varieties like satin pothos, golden pothos, and heartleaf philodendrons.

“They’re super fun trailing plants that create a jungle vibe without taking too much space or even care. ”

Check out  instagram. com/ikeaie   and  instagram. com/verd_houseplants   for some inspiration.  

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