Wrestling News – How to Write Wrestling News Articles

Wrestling News

Wrestling News is a website that provides you with the latest wrestling news and information. It covers all aspects of the pro wrestling industry.

It features a dedicated team of reporters that works around the clock to give you the best wrestling news. It also offers a variety of resources including podcasts and newsletters that you can subscribe to.

Whether you are an avid fan or just starting to get into the sport, it is important to be aware of how the industry operates. This will help you to understand how things work within the wrestling world and to become a better fan.

Some of the things you should be aware of include:

Stylized use of capital letters is inappropriate for professional wrestling. This is because it can be confusing for the reader and it can look silly in writing.

Incorrectly citing tag team titles is another example of this problem. This is because when writing about tag team matches, the plural form of “are” should be used, not the singular form of “is.”

When listing more than two wrestlers teaming together, link all of them with the plural form of “are” instead of using commas, as you would in a typical listing of people.

Counts in attempted pinfalls should be written as one count, not two counts. Tiger Mask scored a two-count on Dynamite Kid, not a three-count and a four-count.

In addition, births and deaths from professional wrestlers should be listed as per the WP:LISTBIO criteria unless there is local consensus for the inclusion of these articles in prose. Alternatively, these articles may be added to a notable incidents section as well.